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How to Dress For Transitional Weather

How to Dress For Transitional Weather

Posted by Scout & Molly's Southpark on Oct 26th 2020

It's no secret that Carolina weather is indecisive at best. We've officially entered fall but we're still braving 80 degree days. What makes this dressing for this weather so tricky is that you're most likely experiencing two completely different seasons when you go to work and when you head back home. So we came up with some quick and easy tips and tricks to help you put together super cute outfits that are perfect for ANY weather. 

1. Cardigans are LIFE. Every woman should have at least 1-2 staple cardigans in her wardrobe. Cardigans come in a variety of colors and fabrics which makes them perfect for pairing with just about anything. Is it a white t-shirt and jeans kind of day? Throw on a colorful cardigan and long necklace to dress it up. How about that date night dress that might leave you a little cold at night? Pair it with a complimentary cardigan to fight that chill. Keep one in your car so that you always find yourself prepared for whatever North Carolina throws at you! 

                                                                  Anderson Cardigan

2. Lightweight pullovers or sweaters leave you feeling all of the fall vibes without feeling that summer heat as well. When you hear sweater you may be thinking bulky turtlenecks meant for below freezing temps. We have a great selection of sweaters that you can pair with any bottom whether it's a skirt day or leggings day. 

                                                                 Leopard Pullover

3. Midi & Maxi Dresses. That's it. A cute knee length or ankle length dress will keep you comfy and cute without having to worry about weather repercussions. 

                                                                 Print Dress

4. Maxi Skirts! See above ^. Whether you pair it with a cute bodysuit, cozy sweater, or basic tee, you're guaranteed to be comfortable and on trend!

                                                               Pleated Maxi Skirt