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What To Wear? Fall 2020

What To Wear? Fall 2020

Posted by Scout & Molly's Southpark on Nov 16th 2020

There's no doubt that COVID is having an affect on just about everything in your life. Don't let it ruin your wardrobe as well! We have compiled up with a list of this falls hottest trends and come up with ways for you to rock these styles in a COVID world.

So far, the biggest fall trends have been ruching, balloon sleeves, lounge sets, animal print, checkered/plaid, and brown tones. We have all of these styles to keep you covered no matter your style! Here are some tips and tricks to keep you looking your best this fall!

1. Lounge sets are a lifesaver this year! They come in so many different styles and colors so you're bound to find one you love! Whether you're more of a hoodie and jogger girl, or a flare and long cardigan girl, there is a lounge set for you! Pair it with a cute tee and sneakers for an easy at home or on the go look!

Ribbed Duster

2. Balloon sleeves are all the rage! A cute sweater or top with balloon sleeves is a great statement piece that you can dress up or down! And don't worry, if you think it will be too dramatic for you, there are more subtle styles to keep you feeling comfortable while looking your best!

Balloon Sleeve Sweater

3. Ruching comes in a variety of styles. You can choose from sleeve ruching, ankle ruching, or side ruching! Make as big or as little of a statement as you want with it! 

4. Surprise surprise, brown is in for fall! While brown may not be anyone's favorite color, it is definitely the most versatile! With shades all the way from cream to chocolate you'll definitely find a shade that looks amazing on you. Don't forget, brown goes with everything!


Taupe Printed Dress       Blouson Blouse

5. Checkered/plaid pieces are perfect for anyone who is back at work or still taking those daily zoom calls. It will keep you looking professional but still on trend! We've got everything from blazers to pants that you won't want to miss out on! 

Check Pant

6. Finally, our favorite trend of the season.... ANIMAL PRINT! Snakeskin? We've got it. Leopard? We've got it. Zebra? We've got it. Whatever your print is, we've stocked up on a variety of pieces and colors that will keep you looking great. If you want to be more subtle with the trend, opt for a neutral printed blouse. Want to be more daring? Spice up your wardrobe with pieces like our fuzzy teal leopard sweater, or our furry orange zebra one. Don't forget the green python tops while you're at it! Any of these pieces are definitely going to spice up your fall looks!


Tiger Sweater            Tan Leopard Sweater      Teal Leopard Sweater

Our mission here at Scout & Molly's Southpark is to keep you looking amazing regardless of the circumstances! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with our new arrivals and how we style them! P.S. See any pieces you love? Click the link below the picture to check out these amazing products! Happy Shopping!